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Let us show you the majesty of our nation. From lush bio-diverse jungles and aquamarine beaches to sky-piercing mountains and world-renowned heritage sites, our bespoke itineraries and exceptional service guarantee the trip of a lifetime. Join us to discover your Sri Lanka. 

 About Sri Lanka  

This is not just an island… Frankly, this is either a heaven or a terrestrial paradise for a traveler who seeks into sinking in spirituality. We have a glorious history that runs back to more than 5000 years in length. Since the Theravada Buddhism has been the religious view of majority of Sri Lankans for a long, people thoroughly concern about the morals & Authenticity. And we had a tremendous royal era that persisted among noble and heroic dynasties up to 19th century which was the golden stage of this magical island since before 10th century BCE.

Even though we had a diplomatic connectivity in early 19th Century we purely connected with the world tourism after the British colonial and now it has gradually been developed and expanded as locals were impressed by sharing and showing their values to the world and also foreigners have been coming to discover the unbridled hospitality of this fascinating land which is a reflection of Sri Lankans.
However world has recognized of sri lanka as a conducive destination in tourism and world knows now island offers variety of platforms for travelers by opening the doors for Cultural Historical Natural social and Adventure based travels as a gateway from Asia.
Itineraries are made by including the explorations through paradises embellished with golden beaches filled with crystal blue water to sky scratching mountains and realizing the anthropogenic creations which we are enchanted whilst observing the wildlife

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